Your food won't taste funny

Made from FDA-grade food quality materials, you can put food directly into a Cloud Peak Reusable Food Bag and your goodies won't taste funny. 

Use this durable container to carry everything from dried fruit to the leftovers from your previous meal. You will never be concerned about that bag of trail mix  falling apart in the bottom of your pack. 

The Cloud Peak Reusable Food Bag is hand washable  so you can clean out the spaghetti from the night before and mix up a batch of blueberry pancakes.


Unknown said...

I came across these bags about nine years ago. The opportunity to cut down on plastic consumption and their light weight reusability convinced me to try them out. These bags are amazing! They are the most reliable material item in my life. I use them not just for backpacking sandwiches and the like, but for storing my morning tea, and my ground flax seed. This means I open and close them everyday. I put fruit in them and store them in the freezer. They seem virtually indestructible, have a vast range of uses, and cleaning is a piece of cake. My only concern is, how the heck can you stay in business making such a bomber product? Well, I hope more people catch on and ensure that you do! Thank you, Cloud Peak, for making a product with such integrity.

Anonymous said...

Can you make this with a zip closure? Roll tops tend to leak...especially in a packed out backpack.

Cloud Peak said...

I agree with you that roll top closures can leak, but with the added plastic stiffener at the top of the closure, it is seriously minimized if not eliminated. We have carried water in the Cloud Peak Food Bags, without leaking. Further the open mouth closure allows easy pouring and clean up. But the nevertheless, the Cloud Peak Food Bag is designed to carry dry and wet food and not liquids. Let me know if other questions. Thx!