The Cloud Peak Reusable Food Bag

No more zip-lock bags.

For any backcountry endeavor, the Cloud Peak Reusable Food Bag is an expedition quality food container and replacement for flimsy, throw-away zip-lock bags.

Made from FDA-grade food quality materials, you can put food directly into a Cloud Peak Food Bag.

Turn inside-out and wash with simple soap and water, this unique food container will last for years.

Extremely durable, easy to clean and reuse, lightweight, and eco-friendly, you will see just how valuable a Cloud Peak bag is after you use it for the first time on your next backcountry trip.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see you list these on amazon or sell them at REI, anywhere you can have customer reviews!

Cloud Peak said...

Good feedback, they should be on Amazon in future. But I assure they are very durable and very useful. We have had some Cloud Peak food bags out there for 10 years.

MaDWhitham said...

Our 12 year old bags are finally disintegrating! Are the bags still available?

Cloud Peak said...

Yes, order right from this site. 12 years, not bad!